Because we are ALL Limited Editions

It makes me very hard to think (and more in these times) how little we value our environment (including ourselves), every living being is temporary, yes, but no less important, it is JUST what makes us important, not we last forever and that we are unique.

I dare to write these lines to assure you that if you are reading this, you have found a group of women who we know that you matter that you do not want to be one of the many, that you want to mark your own path whatever your destiny.

In these times when teleworking has become a Fashion (ideas found that if we want it to go out of style or not) I see once more the frustration of so many women, for not being able ... not being able to work ... not being able to care to children ... not being able to take care of oneself ... simply not being able, here our new "lifestyle" applies.

I get tired over and over again of seeing that we constantly hit the same wall, if we can, both those who are single or married, if we can, because we are brilliant, take about 5 minutes and reflect, the situation is chaos we are unique, And what do we do, adhere to a I can't, and thus let life pass the details, what really matters.

As you can imagine, yes, I confirm and reaffirm it. I am a Feminist, (for those who come to me with extreme issues, look for the definition in the Dictionary of the Royal Academy) I want us all to support each other, that single women do not feel unprotected, that married women feel that they are part of a team, that no one feels excluded. You only live once as the song says, you have to take advantage and even more these times what we are because we all add ... no one subtracts.

Thanks for being a Limited Edition! and even more in these times ...

P.S .: If you want to publish your articles on our blog, just write to us at with the article and we will confirm you ... because yes, we are Arepa ... and we all have the right to be heard!

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